ACE CARBO NITRIDERS undertakes contracts for various Heat Treatment processes which are listed below:
  1. Heat Treatment Job Work for:
    1. Hardening & Tempering of plain carbon & alloy steels.
    2. Hardening & Tempering of die steels & stainless steels.
    3. Carbo Nitriding up to case depth of 0.8mm.
    4. Case hardening/ Carburizing case depth up to 4.0mm.
    5. Annealing / Normalizing / Stress relieving.
    6. Sand blasting / Shot blasting / Electro plating and any other surface finishing treatments.
    7. Metallurgical analysis of ferrous materials.

  2. Metallurgical and Failure Analysis of Steel Components.

  3. Techno-commercial Consultancy on:
    1. Heat Treatment Process.
    2. Heat Treatment Plant Setup.
Our competence extends from the heat treating of miniature components weighing a few grams a piece to large components weighing up to 2500kg individually.
Sub Zero Chambers